click here to add your ad to this listing - email is a free permanent internet classified directory of home businesses who sell homegrown or handcrafted products or provide a personal service business from their home (as opposed to brick & mortar businesses, franchises or corporations). Support small farms and local producers, and eat healthier food, while supporting your home community and your local economy. This directory makes it easy to locate safe local products & services while saving money by cutting out the middle-man storefronts. provides a valuable local resource and supports local vendors, artisans, producers & self-employed entrepreneurs in individually-owned & home-based businesses by extending their marketing & increasing their visibility year around. Vendors, if you are tired of uploading another ad every couple weeks on Craigs List, or paying Thrifty Nickel & other Classified papers for expensive temporary advertising, email your free permanent listing today to Bookmark this site in your favorites. New listings added weekly. Enjoy.


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The plan is to build this website over time. In 2014 I started this site out of the Yellowstone Valley in Montana. In 2015 I added the Phoenix area of Arizona. As time goes by, more areas will be added. If you are interested in building a directory with this site for your area, please contact me about working together. If you see your listing on this website and I have not gotten in contact with you about it yet, please email me if you have any objection to your listing appearing here. The goal here is to network and provide a good permanent resource directory for producers & consumers in your area, not to overstep any boundaries. I intend for this directory to come in handy for all concerned. If you run across a directory listing that needs updating (needs email or website added), or needs correction or removal, please email me. Thank you for using


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